Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Falling , Fall Into Your Heart, Repeat not remix, Frankie Williams

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The AMAZING Ms. Frankie..On a More serious note..... well as serious as I can get.....

There are all the bad things in life that happen..... or the strange and unusual that make me laugh...... I have to laugh, gotta avoid the tear fest at all cost........ but in the midst of it all the reason it is so easy to laugh is because I realize that as bad as things may seem...... the good aren't good, they are downright GREAT, no they are just amazing!!!!

Let me introduce my daughter..... THE Amazing Ms. Frankie.......

Oh yes well, I know we all think our kids are amazing.... AND talented... AND funny..... AND beautiful..... but mine really is..... no trust me I asked around. One can never be too sure!! I certainly didn't want to be the parent carrying around the troll child that every one said "OHHHHH what an adorable outfit".... FYI if someone says the tiny baby shoes are cute, or they love the way the knickers match the jumper...... you need to reevaluate your baby's cuteness..... yes I hate to say it...... but you are the proud owner of a troll child..... AGHHHH.....

SO like I said, I asked around I was careful not to brag about her cuteness or her beauty when she got older...... I waited for folks to tell me.... and WHEW imagine my relief when they tell me she;s adorable and now quite stunning...... ok I am not so shallow that I think beauty is everything nut don't let anyone lie to you and tell you it doesn't count.... it does!! Sorry to break it to you honey....... but I've never seen a model or a Movie star that "was beautiful on the inside".

PROOF you need??? Well then Proof you will get.......... Check it...... (Ok I didn't know how to add a picture here so look at the bottom of the page... or fish around the Worst of Anything blog or website.... I swear it is here somewhere...... ;o)

Ok back to the amazing MS. Frankie......

My Pride and my joy!!

She is a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a dancer, an actress and most importantly has the biggest heart and sweetest spirit of anyone I have ever know!!! She is my biggest fan and I am hers......

I recently said to her.... "I'm just going to sell everything and start all over" (My dream RR tour.... another Blog look on the WOA page). I expected her to at least ask me some questions..... She has always been the voice of reason in my household.... you know taking away the Pixie Stixs when I've had too many and talking me out of the 10 dozen eggs just because they are on sale..... and she has been very patient and accepting of a mother that has a hard time being serious or keeping her mouth shut...... not mean just funny.... well most of the time!! But she did not ask me ANY questions instead she looked at me with excitement and said "That is the BEST rash decision you have ever made". How cool is that?? Then she went on about how I shoule be a promoter and lots of other cools things she knows I love to boost my ego..... Man I am so thankful I have such an amazing teen unit!! I truly am!!

I jest but she is truly a gift and a talent. With all that she has going for her, she is not conceited has a too big heart and forgiving spirit ( a trait I really wish she had not gotten from me) . I am so excited about the journey she is on and I can't wait to see her next success.....

Check out her music..... remember it is a work in progress... she is recently 18. The music and the fan site are new....... we are working on getting more professional recordings of her songs and a video..... but until then jump on board early so you can say..... "I knew her when_______"

Frankie Williams on Myspace

Frankie Williams Fan Page on

Ok so here are some sample videos...... MOMMY made so no comments about the video quality ;o) Yes my Video skill set certainly needs to be worked on!!

And another this was at a Save the TaTa's benefit..... we made her perform!!